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3 Ways to Relieve Stress with “Play” and Your Animal!

By Christina Strayer, Ed.D., LCMHCS, AAT-I, CCTP, THTC, CYT-200, LCAS-R,

In these challenging times, it is important to find enjoyment in your life. There are many ways to foster self-healing and play is one of them, especially with our animals (assuming they enjoy it also!).  Animals can be healers too!  Play with our animals is empowering for many reasons such as:

We express ourselves creatively and this is a type of self- care, even […]

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SmartCounseling Webinar: On How to Stay Safe And Healthy In This Challenging Time

SmartCounseling Webinar: Catherine Tito, MA, LPC, BC-TMH and Jeanne Hurlburt, PhD, on How to Stay Safe And Healthy In This Challenging Time

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Dealing with stress of corona virus? SmartCounseling psychologist reveals how he is using this complex time in a positive way

By Jim,

I’m not sugar-coating, or being glib or Pollyanna-ish, or anything, but here are a couple thoughts I’ve been having in this time of uncertainty…

Many of us very regularly bemoan the fact that we seem not to have as much time as we want or need to read, work out, organize, sleep, play guitar, indulge our hobbies, work in the yard, or take up a household project.

Although […]

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Smart Strategies To Satisfy Your Hunger And Thirst For Joy

By Brian Edwards MA, LCSW

The Importance of Finding Balance

We eat and drink every day. Our bodies need food and water to function, to survive, and to thrive. Taking care of our physical health is about balance — the right foods without overeating, and the right liquids without overindulging, and that darned exercise. Carbs and sugar often yell my name and draw me in to consume what I don’t need rather than what I […]

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How to do less and have more fun during the holidays

Join Catherine, Staci, and Jeanne from the SmartCounseling team for a light hearted discussion and insightful tips for enjoying the holidays more!

#BeatFestiveStress #HolidayHappiness #SmartCounseling

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