How to do less and have more fun during the holidays

Join Catherine, Staci, and Jeanne from the SmartCounseling team for a light hearted discussion and insightful tips for enjoying the holidays more!

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Is Financial Stress Destroying Your Relationship: 3 Easy Ways to Manage Your Money (and Your Stress Level!)

Of all the factors that can tear a marriage apart, money is one of the number one offenders. Not enough communication, hidden bank accounts, disagreements over joint checking, an identified “over-spender” in the relationship; these are just a few challenges that commonly arise. Fortunately, financial stress doesn’t have to be an issue in your relationship. Budgeting and awareness are key for finding common ground with your partner and avoiding potential arguments. If you find yourself […]

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How to Manage Workplace Stress

If you suspect that your stressful job is negatively affecting your physical and emotional health, research shows you are probably right. Workplace stress is linked to poor eating and sleeping habits, heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and job burnout [1, 2]. Alarmingly, an Indiana University Kelley School of Business study found that workers who have high-stress jobs and little control over their work have an increased risk of premature death [3].

If you are experiencing […]

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Using Food to Cope with Stress

High levels of stress and anxiety can cause nausea and loss of appetite in many people. Sadly, for countless others, it produces the opposite effect: emotional or “stress eating.” Stress eating occurs when people use the endorphins they experience while eating food to counter the stresses of daily life. People can stress eat due to work stress, relationship problems, financial concerns, or even just out of boredom. The food accompanied with stress […]
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Simple Steps to Avoid the Anxiety and Stress of “Super-Momming”

With modern technology more accessible than ever, it’s easy to compare yourself to others and be left feeling “less than.” Moms across the globe have united on a social media front, creating public groups, blogs, and clubs geared towards motherhood. The vulnerability of new mothers causes them to consider the information provided by these groups as sacred. The “evidence” provided on the internet doesn’t even have to exist, but moms everywhere often […]
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